Moscow-Golden Ring-St Petersburg-Karelia - 12 days, 11 nights

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Moscow - Golden Ring-St Petersburg-Karelia
12 days/ 11 nights
Group tour, group size depending of the season
Dear guests, we are please to represent one of our unique author`s tour, which includes the nicest places, we`ll be visiting..
Great cities - Moscow and St Petersburg, wounderfull Peterhof, will travel to nice small old city - Sergiev Posad by Golden Ring, feel beautiful nature of Karelia and its unforgettable wooden ancient ensemble Kizhi, which is Unesco World Heritage ...

Tour starts and finish in Moscow 

1-st Day
Arrival to Moscow. Meeting at the airport.
Check in at the hotel.
2-nd Day
Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion at the Red Square-  the central square of capital. Red Square it is the symbol of Moscow and the favorite place of the internationals guests.
St. Basil's cathedral is one of the most popular monuments of Old Russian architecture.
Legend has it that after it was completed, Ivan The Terrible  had the architect blinded in order to prevent him from building such magnificent building for anyone else.
Lenin's Mausoleum also known as Lenin's Tomb, situated in Red Square in the center of Moscow.
GUM is the large store in the Kitai-gorod part of Moscow facing Red Square. It is currently a shopping mall.
Alexander Garden is one of the first public parks in the center of Moscow is situated along the western Kremlin wall. The main attraction of the park is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with an eternal flame.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the war memorial, dedicated to the Soviet soldiers killed during the Great Patriotic War.
Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin and Kremlin Cathedrals
The Moscow Kremlin is one of the greatest architectural complex in Russia, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art. The Moscow Kremlin is political landmark,  a walled-in complex of cathedrals, palaces and government offices, with several buildings open to the public.
The Moscow metro is the most beautiful underground in the world and called “underground palaces”.
Early Diner
Performance at the  Moscow Circus
Transfer to the hotel
3-rd Day
 Breakfast at the hotel.
 Departure to the Sergiev Posad - the center of  Russian Orthodox Church.
You will visit the Holy-Trinity Sergeius Monastery  (Lavra), founded by St. Sergeius of  Radonezh in 1337. The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is the most important Russian monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Lunch in the local restaurant.
Excursion in the Matreshka museum with  master-class.
The Matreshka museum is the first official collection of Matryoshka dolls in Russia, in spite of this art exists in Russia more than 100 years and appears as the most popular Russian craft.
Transfer to Moscow
Transfer to the hotel 
4-th Day

Breakfast at the hotel.

Excursion to the Space museum. Museum of Space is located in the plinth of the monument "Conquerors of Space" - a unique monument of Moscow, erected in honor of launching the first artificial Earth satellite. The idea of the museum belonged to the chief designer of space rocket systems Sergey Korolev. The museum has a miniature Mission Control Center where you can observe the International Space Station in real time and interactive booth Buran system mobility and panoramic stereo.

Excursion to the Moscow Brewery with beer tasting or Museum of Russian vodka with testing
Sightseeing tour: Moscow University, Victory park on Poklonnaya hill, the Observation Deck on Sparrow hill on the height of 80 meters.
The Observation Deck is located on one of the 7 hills of Moscow from where all visitors can have magnificent view over the city.
Transfer to the railway-station.
Departure from Moscow by night train to Saint-Petersburg
5-th Day
Arrival to Saint-Petersburg. Meeting with a guide at the railway station.
Saint-Petersburg - one of the world's most beautiful cities. It was founded in  1703 by the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great, it is described as the Venice of the North. For two centuries (until 1918) was the capital of the Russian state.
Excursion to The State Hermitage Museum - the most famous museum of St. Petersburg, one of the most famous museums in the world, such as the Louvre and the Metropolitan. The collection of museum contains 106 000 items of Ancient Greece, Ancient Room, Ancient Italy.
Excursion to the St. Isaac's Cathedral.St. Isaac's Cathedral - an outstanding monument of Russian architecture of the XIX century and one of the world's great domed buildings, in the row with only St. Peter's in Rome and St. Paul in London and St. Mary in Florence.
The grandeur of this temple is determined by its size: it can accommodate 12000 people. Cathedral - one of the landmarks of St. Petersburg.
Transfer to the hotel. Check in.
6-th Day
Breakfast at the hotel.
Excursion to Peterhof - often referred to as "the Russian Versailles».
The brilliant palace and park ensemble of Peterhof, conceived and created at the will of Peter the Great. In the course of 200 years, it served as a summer residence of the Russian monarchs.    The Peterhof ensemble includes the Upper and Lower Parks with 150 fountains spurting upwards powerful jets if water and foir resplendent cascades.
The Great Palace is a historical and art museums in the collections of which are pieces of furniture, paintings, textiles and porcelain.
Return to the Saint-Petersburg.
Excursion around the city and visit the Peter and Paul Fortress. Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the oldest Cathedrals and tomb of the Russian Emperors.  
Russian National Show with fourchette in the Nikolaevsky Palace.
Return to the hotel 
7-th Day
Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.
Excursion to Tsarskoe selo: visit of the  Catherine palace and Amber Room.
Museum-Preserve "The Tsarskoe Selo" - an outstanding example of world architecture and landscape architecture. This small town which since 1937 is known as Pushkin. There is a building of the Lyceum, where the poet Alexander Pushkin studied and wrote his first poems
The compositional centre of the ensemble is the Catherine Palace - a splendid example of the Russian Baroque. Visitors are enraptured by the sumptuous decor of the Great Hall and the Golden Enfilade of state rooms that includes the world-famous Amber Room now returned to life.
The Amber Room - is one of the greatest works of art, which is often called the "8 wonder of the world." The cost of these treasures is 155 million dollars.
Return to St.Petersburg
Excursion around the city and excursion to the cruiser Aurora(upon possibility). Aurora is a Russian protected cruiser, currently preserved as a museum ship in St. Petersburg
Boat trip on the canals of St. Petersburg.
Transfer to the railway-station.
Night train to Petrozavodsk at 22:07.
8-th Day
 06:40 Arrival in Petrozavodsk - the capital of Karelia. Meeting in Petrozavodsk.( train №658)
Transfer to the seaport.
Water trip to the Island of Kizhi by hydrofoil (1,5 hour). The excursion around the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble and the historic village of the 19th century. Visit the church of the Intercession and open-air museum of wooden architecture.
Lunch (packed meal).
16.45 Coming back to Petrozavodsk.
Leaving for Sortavala (250 km).
Arrival in Sortavala.
Accommodation in the hotel in Sortavala. 
9-th Day
Breakfast at the hotel.
Boarding a motor ship or a hydrofoil for the water trip to the Islands of Valaam (about 50 minutes by hydrofoil).
The excursion to the central part of the Valaam Monastery with the visit to the Transfiguration Cathedral, some churches and some other monastery buildings.
Lunch at the refectory.
Extra paid: Boat transfer to the Nickon Bay, excursion “New Jerusalem”, climb by yourself to the Eleon mountain to see the isolated monastic community and panoramic view over the bay. Concert of the church choir 
Return to Sortavala.
Transfer to the hotel in Sortavala.
10-th Day
 Breakfast at the hotel.
Taking a boat journey for 2 hours to and around the Ladoga skerries.
Coming back to Sortavala.
Leaving for Petrozavodsk .
On the way visiting the historic Karelian village of Kinerma. In the village one can still feel much life, talk with the local people and enjoy Karelian nature.
Walking around the village with the visit to the chapel.
Karelian lunch in an authentic wooden house with a unique atmosphere; drinking tea with Karelian pies.
Rafting along Shuya River- distance 8/4 miles, 3 threshold, first category of complexity. Security is guaranteed by instructors. No age restrictions.
Dinner at the fire place in nature
Driving to Petrozavodsk.
Accommodation in the hotel 4* in Petrozavodsk.
11 -th Day
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out of the hotel.
The trip to the waterfall of Kivatch.
One of the largest flatland waterfalls in Europe - Kivatch.
Lunch in the town of Kondopoga
Sightseeing tour of Kondopoga
Coming back to Petrozavodsk.
Sightseeing tour of Petrozavodsk «Charm of the city of Peter the Great».
 Photo-stop at the monument to Peter The Great.
Dinner at the authentic Karelian restaurant
Extra paid: Performance of  music folk group .
Transfer to the railway station.
20:00 Departure by train to Moscow (train #17) 
12-th Day
09:00 Arrival to Moscow. Meeting with the guide.
 Breakfast in the city.
Excursion to the The State Tretyakov Gallery -. one of the largest collection of Russian Art. Its collection embrace the period from the 10th to 20th century and all schools of Russian painting - from ancient icons to Avant-guard.
Walk on the pedestrian Arbat Street with a lot of cafes and souvenir shops and sketch artists at work in summer time  or
Downtown walk with the guide: Kuznezky Most, Stoleshnikov pereulok, visit of the old Russian food shop Eliseevsky with Russian specialties.
Transfer to the airport. 
 The tour cost includes:
  • Hotel accommodation in Moscow – 3 nights
  • Hotel accommodation in St. Petersburg – 2 nights
  • Hotel accommodation in Petrozavodsk  – 1 night
  • Hotel accommodation in Sortavala – 2 night
  • Railway tickets for night trains Moscow-St. Petersburg in compartment for 4 people
  • Railway tickets for night trains St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk  in compartment for 4 people
  • Railway tickets for night trains Petrozavodsk-Moscow  in compartment for 4 people
  • Transportation according to the program
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrances to: the Territory of Kremlin and visit of the Cathedrals; Space museum; metro; Treyakov gallery; Holy Trinity Sergeius Laura;Matreshka museum with master-class; State Hermitage museum; Peter and Paul fortress; Cathrine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo; Peterhof the Palace and park; boat trip on the canals; Kizhi – open air museum of wooden architecture; Valaam Monastery; boat journey to Ladoga skerries
  • Entertainment: Tickets and transport to the Circus in Moscow, Folklore show in the Nikolaevsky Palace in St. Petrsburg  with fourchette.
  • Meals: 1-st day diner; 11 days - full pension
  • 1 FOC in SGL room
The tour cost doesn’t include:
·         Airline tickets
·         Tips for the guide and driver